Libertarian Group Says Ec 10 Slights Conservative View

An organization of students calling themselves "libertarians" yesterday distributed leaflets at an Economics 10 lecure claiming that the course is biased toward Marxist and mainstream economic theories and ignores the opposing theories of the Austrian School.

The Harvard-Radcliffe Sons of Liberty proposed an alternative reading list for the course in the leaflet, including selections from H.A. Hayek, Nobel Prize winner for Economics in 1974.

Peter J. Ferrara '76, vice-president of the Sons of Liberty and a Crimson editor, said yesterday that the leaflets were intended to rectify the Economics Department's failure to inform students of the existence of the Austrian School.

The leaflet credits the Austrian School with the following viewpoint, among others: "The public sector necessarily lives parasitically upon the private economy."

Elizabeth Allison, associate professor of Economics, and head Ec 10 section person, said yesterday that the course already includes readings from leading exponents of free enterprise, such as Milton Friedman of the University of Chicago and Hendrik S. Houthakker, Henry Lee Professor of Economics.


Karl E. Case, head tutor in Economics and a section instructor for the course, said yesterday that although Harvard students are more conservative than in past years, libertarian theory stillmight not command enough student interest to produce changes in the course.

Robert Nozick, professor of Philosophy and faculty adviser to the Sons of Liberty, said yesterday that "it would be desirable to give more exposure to well-developed alternatives to mainstream economic theories" other than Marxian ones.

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