Counseling Groups Form Committee, Prepare Newsletter

The recently formed Umbrella Committee of Peer Service Groups, designed to coordinate the work of the 13 participating counseling bodies, is currently preparing a newsletter describing their activities for distribution at spring registration.

The committee, which was organized in late November by the Office of Undergraduate Affairs, is also considering the possibility of working with Dean Rosovsky's Task Force on Advising and Counseling, Susan Feldman '77, a Crimson key representative on the umbrella committee, said yesterday.

"We represent a whole spectrum of undergraduate life so we have the resources to provide input for the task force," she said.

Feldman said the new committee will also help in coordinating freshman orientation week next year.

Anita D. Howard, assistant to the dean of undergraduate affairs, said yesterday the umbrella group is more a network to coordinate activities and exchange ideas than an official organization.


Feldman said although she thinks the group "has potential," the individual groups are afraid of losing their autonomy and "getting involved in bureaucratic redtape."

But it can and may alleviate duplication of effort and lack of publicity," she said.

The umbrella group will meet four times each year. Two representatives of each of the participating groups will attend each meeting.

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