Whitlock Discusses Successor For House Master von Stade

Dean Whitlock met with the Mather House Council last night to begin the procedure of choosing a new master for the House.

F. Skiddy von Stade '38, Master of the House since its opening in 1969, announced his upcoming June retirement last week.

Whitlock stressed that final selection of the new master is entirely up to President Bok. He added, however, "I happen to believe that student input is extremely important."

He said that the job of House master has become much less sought after in recent years, but added that Mather House would not suffer from any further lack of prestige, since its image has improved greatly in the past few years after a rather dismal start.

Whitlock said last night that a committee of students should gather names, and then compose a list of about twenty-five likely candidates. A similar process would be followed by the Senior Common Room.


Then, in consultation with Dean Whitlock, this list would be narrowed to about five names, which would then go to a panel composed of Presidents Bok and Horner, and Deans Rosovsky, Pipkin, and Whitlock.

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