Quincy House Petition Forces Referendum on CRR Question

A petition signed by 87 Quincy House students yesterday forced the Quincy House committee to hold a referendum on whether to nominate student representatives to the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR).

The House committee voted Monday to nominate students to the CRR, and two members of the committee, Teresita Alvarez '76 and Jeanne Smith '76, yesterday organized the petition drive to force the CRR issue to a vote of the entire House.

Alvarez said yesterday, "The issue is too important to be left up to the committee. It should be decided by the entire House."

The referendum, to be held Friday, will be binding on the House committee.

If the House votes to nominate students for the CRR, the House committee chairman, Bruce Ferguson '76, will then choose by lot an 11-member panel of Quincy sophomores and juniors.

Yes or No

The panel may then nominate one or two of its members to serve on the CRR or decide not to nominate any students to the CRR.

Ferguson said last night that if the House votes to nominate students and the 11-member panel then decides not to nominate anyone, he would appoint another panel.

"A referendum mandating that delegates be sent to the CRR would negate the provision allowing the panel of 11 to not choose any students," Ferguson said.

Dean Whitlock said last night he did not know if a House referendum could force the 11-member panel to nominate students for the CRR, because the situation has never occurred in the past.

If the Quincy referendum results in a vote to continue the student boycott of the CRR, Ferguson said he would not select an 11-member panel.

The House committee also decided to distribute by Friday statements by two members of the committee supporting and opposing the nomination or representatives to the CRR.

At the House committee's Monday meeting, Alvarez made a motion to hold a referendum on nominating students to the CRR, but it was defeated six to five.

Grassroots Movement

Ferguson voted against the motion for a referendum, breaking a five to five tie. Ferguson said yesterday, "Any movement for a referendum should come from House members."

A motion to continue the boycott of the CRR failed by a vote of six to four. The committee then voted five to four, with Alvarez abstaining, to nominate students to the CRR.