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By Richard J. Doherty

Dean Rosovsky issued a letter this month to help bolster laggard alumni contributions to the 1974-5 Harvard College Fund drive.

Rufus W. Peebles Jr. '61, associate director of the Harvard College Fund, said yesterday it is the first time a fund raising letter has originated from the dean of the Faculty.

As of last week the Harvard College Fund drive had collected approximately $200,000 less than it had up to this time in 1974.

However, both the Harvard and the Radcliffe fund drives have drawn contributions from more donors this year.

Peter F. Clifton '49, director of the fund, approached Rosovsky last month with the idea of having him write the letter.

"Dean Rosovsky has worked closely with us before and it seemed natural since he is ultimately responsible for the budget," Peebles said.

No Precedent

Rosovsky agreed with Peebles and said he saw no important precedent set by engaging his office in fund appeals.

"The separation between the education element of the University and the fund raising aspect is an artificial one," he said yesterday. "One is dependent on the other. I certainly see the role of my office as being active in resolving those financial pressures."

In the letter, which was sent to over 40,000 alumni, Rosovsky wrote that "despite scrupulous care and cutbacks in many areas, we shall report a deficit of about $1.7 million."

"Drastic changes in our style of operation are inevitable unless we can find increased income," he added.

Hope Wigglesworth, director of the Radcliffe College Fund, lauded Rosovsky's letter.

"It is important that someone from the educational side of the University rather than from the developmental side articulate the financial problems which Harvard and Radcliffe are facing," she said yesterday.

Unknown Variable

Whether the College will have a manageable deficit depends largely upon the fund matching last year's gift total of $4.8 million. Peebles called the fund the crucial variable in maintaining the deficit within the projected $1.7 million limit.

"Sixty to seventy per cent of our gifts are from reunions and our totals really won't be known until June," he said.

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