CHUL Asked to Support UFW At Open Meeting in the Yard

The student caucus of the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life heard proposals that CHUL endorse a boycott of Gallo wins and issue a statement supporting the suggestions of the DuBois Institute Student Committee (DISC) for the future of the institute, at its first open meeting yesterday evening in Grays Hall.

The CHUL executive committee will consider the proposals at its meeting on Wednesday, The executive committee will vote whether to place the proposals on the agenda for CHUL's general meeting on March 5, or to refer either or both of them to a subcommittee.

The Gallo proposal, which was offered by members of the Harvard-Radcliffe United Farmworkers Support Committee, asks that CHUL endorse "the legal boycott of establishments continuing to retail Gallo wines" and urge "each branch of this university to honor the UFW boycott."

DISC representatives asked that CHUL endorse their proposal, which calls for the establishment of a trustee board to oversee long range planning at the institute.

The DISC proposal also recommends that at least three of its members be allowed to participate in discussions by Harvard's DuBois Institute Advisory Board.

Open Meetings

The student caucus voted on February 9 to hold open meetings before each executive committee meeting in order to allow students not on CHUL to offer proposals to be considered by the committee.

About fifteen people attended the meeting, ten of whom were CHUL members.