Three Russian Clerics Take in Harvard

Called Police Agents by picketers

Three clerics in the Russian Orthodox Church visited the Divinity School yesterday and attracted a picket line outside the Faculty Club made up of members of a Christian organization who alleged that the churchman were secret police agents.

Archbishop Sabodan vladimir, vitaly Borovoy and Elias Schioloshvill walked past their accusers shortly after noon yesterday on Quincy St, and went into the Faculty Club without incident.

"We're just trying to expose them," the Reverend Ennie Cugial, who let 13 picketer, said yesterday. "These men are conveying the impression that freedom of religion exists in Russia. But these men are appointed by the state and an responsible to the state."

Borovoy denied these charges. "There are all kinds of stupid allegations," he said. "This is to calumniste a whole people."

The demonstration was organized by the Christian Action Council of New England.


Schioloshvill, a Metropolitan in rank, explained through an interpreter, that he felt "gay irony" regarding the demonstration, but would not elaborate.

The clerks all dressed in ceremonial garb, ate lunch at the Faculty club as guests of the Boston Theological institute, a consortium, of eight schools including the Harvard Divinity School.

They later visited the Divinity School and the Houghton Library, then presented an Ikon to Gov. Michael S. Dukakin in his Boston office.

Preston N. Williams, acting dean of the Dhinky School and a guest at the lunch, said yesterday. "This visit was basically an inspection of our theological facilities but not an examination of the religious climate."

Sister Mary Hennessey, the director of the Theological Institute, agreed that the visit was not political.

The three clergy, all of whom are scholars, are part of a 22-member group visiting the United States from the Soviet Union under an exchange program.

Harold Berman, Story Professor of Law, attended the lunch and said the clergymen were all obviously "devout believers."

Berman added. "Borovoy told us, Here we're called agents of the KGB: in Moscow the atheists call us agents of bourgeois imperialism. But we really are agents of Jesus Christ."

Both Borovoy and Vladimir are from Moscow Vladimir is rector of the Moscow Theological Academy, while Borovoy, whose rank is protopresbyter is rector of the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Epihphany