Chem Dept. Allows Students to View Graded Blue-Books

The Chemistry Department adopted last week a policy giving students "the right to view" graded final examinations "under conditions to be specified by the instructor."

The policy states, however, that blue, books "shall not be returned."

Before last week, the department generally refused to distribute or allow inspection of graded finals in large courses.

The department's vote was in response to a complaint by Andrew Zachary '77. Zachary said yesterday he sent a letter to Brian D. Sykes, assistant professor of Chemistry, asking to see his graded exam in Chemistry 10. "Principles of Chemistry," on February 6.

Citing last year's federal law guaranteeing student access to educational records. Zachary wrote. "You may not destroy or remove my exam, and you have 45 days in which to comply with my request."

Sykes received about a dozen similar requests this week and will allow these students to view their graded exams today.

Assistant professor James D. Wuest and professor Jeremy R. Knowles, who teach Chemistry 20a and 20b respectively, said yesterday they plan to allow students in the organic chemistry courses to view their graded finals in June.

Sykes was in Cleveland yesterday and unavailable for comment.

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