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Norman J. Chaleff '76 is mad at Archie C. Epps III, dean of students. Chaleff is sending a letter to Dean Whitlock complaining that Epps released the results of an investigation into the Southwestern Publishing Company to The Crimson before telling students involved or their senior tutors about it.

Chaleff is a suite-mate of Don A. Nicholson '76 and Sam M. Wee '76, two students who have been involved with the Memphis, Tenn., dictionary-selling company's recruiting efforts at Harvard.

Epps announced this week that Southwestern representatives have been recruiting Harvard students on campus, in violation of undergraduate regulations and a personal warning from Epps.

All of which, Chaleff says, came as a rude shock to Wee and Nicholson, who had been told to keep the whole matter quiet.


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