Law Forum Cancels Speech As Students Protest Rhodesian

The Harvard Law School Forum Wednesday night cancelled a speech by an official of the Rhodesian government after only four people paid for admission to hear the speech at Langdell Hall, while 60 anti-Rhodesian picketers protested outside.

The picketers urged a boycott of the speech by Kenneth H. Towsey, director of the Rhodesian government's information office in Washington, because of Rhodesia's "racist policies."

After officers of the Law School Forum announced the cancellation to the crowd. Towsey, about 15 members of the Forum's staff, and the four people who paid admission went to a private home in Cambridge where Towsey delivered his speech to the small group.

The Black Law Students Association at the Law School had requested students to boycott the speech, but did not organize the picketing in front of Langdell.

Members of the Zimbabwe African National Union and the Radcliffe-Harvard New American Movement organized the demonstration at Langdell. A spokesman for NAM called Wednesday night's action a "very successful demonstration."


John W. Foster, president of the Law School Forum, said that Wednesday night the Forum's invitation to Towsey did not constitute an endorsement of him or of the Rhodesian government's policies.

Albert M. Sachs, dean of the Law School, yesterday released a statement saying that the Law Forum did not represent the Law School in issuing the invitation, and congratulating the students who organized the boycott of the speech on their peaceful protest