Busch-Reisinger Museum's Library To be Partitioned for Staff Offices

The Busch-Reisinger Museum's library will be partitioned into small offices for members of the Fine Arts Department and the staff of the museum next year.

The department will amalgamate the approximately 700 uncatalogued books which are now in the Busch's library into the Fine Arts Library at the Fogg Museum. Duplicate books will be sold at the Fogg's annual duplicate sale.

Burr Will Close

Seymour Slive, professor of Fine Arts explained Monday that the space is needed for staff members who now have offices in Allston Burr Hall, which will be closed for repair work after January 1, 1976.

Suzannah J. Doeringer, assistant director of the Fogg, said Monday that the partitioning is "simply a matter of carving out more office space, because we have more people than we have offices and our only other choice was to cut down on gallery space."

Slive said the Busch's library was officially dissolved in the early 1960's and that the books which are there now "just drifted in" during the last ten years through donations and exhibition catalogues which are sent to the Busch from other museums.

The books will be more accessible to students and researchers if the are catalogued and placed in the Fogg, he added.

Slive said that the partitioning of the Busch Library is "part of the general problem" at the Fogg, which is "exploding" with staff and artwork.

Slive was appointed acting director of the Fogg Art Museum last September after the resignation of Daniel Robbins. Slive was confirmed as fall director in March.