Harvard Linksmen Defeat Dartmouth

The Harvard golf team defeated Dartmouth yesterday, 391-402, at the Country Club in Brookline.

The top five scorers for the Crimson were Steven McConnell and Peter Zurkow with a pair of 76's. Tom Yellin with a 77, Jon Ellis with an 80 and Alex Vik and Scott McNealy with 82 apiece. John Bartlett, Harvard's seventh man, turned in an 87 for the day.

"It was a good win," co-captain Yellin said. "The most encouraging thing about it was that Steve (McConnell) played up to his potential. His score was the best thing that has happened to us in two weeks."

A highlight of the match was the fine two-under-per 34 on the front nine turned in by Zurkow.

The victory marked the third time that Harvard had defeated the Big Green this season, and things are looking up for the Crimson for the upcoming NCAA qualifying tournament to be held later this season.


"We love to beat Dartmouth" said Yellin. "They should be psyched out at the Easterns." The Big Green is one of the top Eastern clubs the Crimson will have to contend with.