Bok Names Staff Of Seven Directors For Admissions

President Bok has appointed seven members of the Harvard and Radcliffe admissions offices to serve as directors of the newly unified Harvard-Radcliffe admissions office in the fall.

The joint staff, which Bok established on July 1 in response to the Strauch Committee recommendation for "unification of the two staff organizations concerned with admissions and finance," includes;

* L. Fred Jewett '57, dean of admissions and financial aids for Harvard, who will serve as the director of admissions and financial aid for the new office:

* John P. Reardon Jr. '60, director of admissions for Harvard, and Sylvia J. Simmons, associate dean of admissions and director of financial aid at Radcliffe, who will become the assistant directors;

* William R. Fitzsimmons '67, associate director of admissions for Harvard, and Mary Anne Schwalbe, director of admissions at Radcliffe, who will serve as the directors of admissions;

* Seamus P. Malin '62, director of the financial aid office at Harvard, who will serve as the director of financial aid; and.

* John S. Harwell, associate director of financial aid for Harvard, who will become the director of student employment.

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