Stanton Davis and Ghetto Mysticism. Expect for a short fill-in gig a while back, this marks the first engagement at Boston's best jazz club for this locally based avant garde group. It's been long awaited. Trumpetist Davis leads a six man contingent with a free-wheeling, fluid style that fits in somewhere between the wanderings of freer "black music" and the excesses of more melodic (read electronic) music. Davis and Ghetto Mysticism have been nearly alone as proponents of free music in Boston, and anyone whose ears have been plugged against the softer wares of so-called jazz-folk can pull out the wax this week at the Jazz Workshop through Sunday. Cover's only $2.

Clark Terry and David McKenna. If you're on the Cape this week or this weekend and in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and see this act. It's a byword these days that Terry has sold out his invention and verve in favor of a commercial sound, but he's the biggest name performing anywhere near Boston this week. At Column's Restaurant on Main St. in West Dennis through Sunday.

The Jazzboat will be leaving from Long Wharf next to the Boston Aquarium at 7:30 and 9:30 Wednesday with The East Bay City Jazz Band and The Black Eagle. Trio, two of the city's better trade bands, on board. Don Angle will also be playing ragtime piano. Tickets are $4.00 for one show, or $5.50 for two.

Tony Teixiera will be playing a Duke Ellington tribute concert tonight at the Berklee College Recital Hall at 8:15 for free.

At Natale Big Swing Band plays tonight for free at the War Memorial behind the Cambridge public Library Show sharts at 7:30.