Ec Dept. to Revise Tutorials; Focus Is on 'Problem-Solving'

The Economics Department is developing a revised sophomore tutorial program for next year that will encourage students to apply economic theory to current problems through a number of special problem-solving projects.

The department also plans to grant academic credit for tutorial to next year's sophomores.

Karl E. Case, head tutor in Economics, said yesterday that he is working with ten assistants this summer to develop and coordinate the new program, which is being financed by a recent grant from President Bok.

Real Life

Case said that next year approximately 50 students will participate in the experimental program, which will give them the opportunity to apply the economic theory they learn in the classroom to "real-life" situations.

The problem-solving groups will each consist of approximately eight students and will investigate a range of topics, including urban renewal problems, subway public transportation fares and the Harvard board plan.

Case said that the impetus for the experimental program stems from "student complaints that the Economics Department at Harvard is too theoretical" and that the new program is designed to encourage students to "use their knowledge of economic theory to address empirical issues."