Shuckin' and Jivin'

A Calendar of Events for the Hip, Boss and Cool Freshman

It's a lot like when your ancestors got off the boat. Some, filled with thanks and indebtedness, will kiss the ground beneath them. But others, the ones with well-established contacts in the New World, feel right at home.

Still, even if everybody at Harvard may not start off equally, Freshman Week can be the great leveler--if you have enough savvy to catch on quick. This year, as always, the coolest people will stay in their rooms the whole time, or not show up at school until the week is over. But for those who insist on participating in this week's activities, here is your schedule for being boss during your first days at Harvard.

FRIDAY, September 12:

9 a.m.: Rooms ready for occupancy. Harvard's first come, first served system of room choice will force many freshmen to begin waiting with their parents at around 7 a.m. for the Yard gate to open. Many start the year off happily by beating other roommates out for the single room. The rooms are always larger than anticipated so bring a lot of furniture. Your roommates will bring the plants.

9:30 a.m.: Open checking account.

11 a.m.--2 p.m.: Throw frisbee in Yard.

2 p.m.--4 p.m.: Throw football in Yard.

4 p.m.--5 p.m.: A little Yard lacrosse game.

6 p.m.--8 p.m.: Dinner at Pier 4 with all the other Harvard freshmen and their parents.

8:30--9:30 p.m.: The most aware freshmen may spend these hours reading books for upcoming interviews with freshmen seminar instructors.

10 p.m.: Bull session in stairwell--use this time to impress other freshmen with your phenomenal high school feats.

1 a.m.: Bull session ends.

SUNDAY, September 14:

The last day to move in. Some choose to arrive fashionably late. All feshmen must have their pictures taken for their frequently flashed bursar cards, so make sure you look good, particularly if you go for library attendants or members of the dining hall staff.

MONDAY, September 15:

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