CAR May Sue City for Right To Use Amps

The Harvard-Radcliffe Committee Against Racism (CAR) has threatened to sue the City of Cambridge for allegedly denying organizations the use of sound amplifiers in demonstrations, a spokesman for CAR said Thursday.

Nancy B. Bancroft '63 said that CAR's threat came in response to Cambridge's apparent new policy of forbidding the use of bullhorns in public rallies.

High Noise Level

According to Bancroft, Conrad C. Fagone, Cambridge Public Works Commissioner, told her during a telephone conversation last Wednesday that he and other city officials agreed the high noise level of recent demonstrations warranted the move.

Fagone had previously drafted a letter to CAR in which he revoked earlier-granted permission to use bullhorns in demonstrations, Bancroft said.


Fagone informed the group that he based his decision on police reports that CAR demonstrators refused to cooperate with police asking them to lower the volume on bullhorns during an October 2 protest, she added.

Bancroft said the demonstrators complied with the policemen's request.

What's That Again?

Cambridge City Manager James L. Sullivan Thursday denied knowledge of any new policy to forbid use of amplifiers in rallies.

A Cambridge police spokesman on Thursday, the day after Fagone's directive was reportedly to take effect, said the city does not require demonstrators to obtain any kind of permit to operate amplifiers.

Cambridge police yesterday said that a permit for use of sound amplifiers was not necessary at the demonstration against Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger '50 held yesterday in Forbes Plaza.

Fagone refused to comment on the matter yesterday.