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Plus ca change



To the Editors of The Crimson:

I was amused to read your front-page story (Crimson 11/29/76) about HSA's refrigerators. When I first began working for HSA in the fall of 1972, they had the same problem: the records were a shambles, the filing system was archaic, and nobody knew how many refrigerators there were or where they were. In the summer of '73, as acting summer manager of the refrigerator agency, I personally conducted a room-to-room search ofall the Houses (much to the annoyance of several superintendents and resident tutors), and discovered at least 50 HSA refrigerators listed in the office as lost, stolen or nonexistent. The filing system was brought up to date and the system began to run smoothly. At this point I graduated and lost contact with HSA until I read your story.

Plus ca change. plus c'est la meme chose! Anne Tait '74

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