Still No Money To Fix Up Sever Hall

In October 1973, then assistant dean of the Faculty for resources and planning Richard G. Leahy, said he hoped funds to remodel Sever Hall might be available in two or three years.

Three years have passed, and Sever is still waiting.

Harvard repaired Robinson and Emerson Halls three years ago, but at the time the Faculty could not afford to fix Sever. Only the upper story underwent minor repairs to provide the Visual and Environmental Studies Department with a few course rooms.

Leahy, now an asosciate dean, said Tuesday funds for repairing Sever are still not available.

He said a major renovation of Sever including the installation of air conditioning, would have cost about $1.5 million in 1973. Now he estimates renovation would cost about that much without including air conditioning.


Sever Hall is eligible for federal funds as a national historical building, but Leahy said federal funds are slim now, and the average grant of $15,000 could not come close to paying the bill.

Many people who use Sever, though, say they do not feel inconvenienced by the building's disrepair.