Parker's Future

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Gail T. Parker '64, former assistant professor of History and Literature who resigned the presidency of Bennington College under fire last month, yesterday denied that she will be returning to Harvard in the near future.

Parker denied the rumors of her eventual return which have circulated here since her resignation. "Nobody has asked me to return [to Harvard]," she said.

Parker said she and her husband David, who served as Bennington's vice president in the Parker administration, plan to take "at least six months" off, and will then take advantage of "the luxury of being able to choose" where to go next.

The Parkers will continue to live on the Bennington campus for the remainder of the academic year, she said.

Parker added that "things look auspicious" for her successor, Joseph S. Iseman, '37, who was appointed acting president by the Bennington Board of Trustees following Parker's resignation.

"He's going to get the honeymoon that all new college presidents seem to enjoy," Parker said.

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