Double Hoop Blowout in IAB

'Cliffe Obliterates Hapless Brandeis With 85-36 Deluge

The last rays of sunshine were fading as the Radcliffe cagers kicked off the 'Cliffe-Classics twilight twin bill at the I.A.B. yesterday, but the squad turned in its most lustrous outing of the season, burnishing Brandish, 85-36.

The Crimson turned the lights out for the visitors in the first half with a 46 point deluge that left the Judgettes about as much chance of reviving as a sputtering candle in a Siberian blizzard.

A rapacious defense held Brandeis in check throughout, while the hoopsters blitzed the Waltham opposition with a lightening quick fast break.

Susan Hewitt came away with scoring honors, cutting loose for 16 points. "She's come a long way this season," said coach March Haverland. Lisa Muscatine followed with 12 while Hildy Meyers and playmaking guards Sue Williams, Denise Thal, and Tamar Manuelyan-Atinc all reached double figures with 10.

Fast Break

Cheryl Gelzer got things rolling when she hit from the low post. After trailing 6-2, the Crimson slid in front to stay after Gelzer caromed a bank shot off the glass and Hewitt's layup capped a fast break.

Meyers and Williams then bandied baskets, with Williams popping from the corner after Meyers dropped in a 15-footer. Meyers followed suit with a hanging layup and Williams let fly another howitzer, as the 'Cliffe rocketed to an 18-8 edge.

By now the Brandeis quintet had gone into its swan song and had yet to emerge from the profound torpor. In a singular exhibition of botched marksmanship, the Judges repeatedly rent the oxygen with reckless abandon from any and all points on the floor, as their shooting percentage rivalled the life expenctancy of starved fruit flies.

"They got way behind and didn't know how to stay with it," said Haverland.

Denise Thal went on a scoring binge to polish off the 46-14 halftime shellacking. Flitting through the Brandeis defense like a blithe neutrino, she dropped two from the line and rollicked for three driving hoops in the space of two minutes.

Haverland said that after the game the Brandeis coach "gave me some trouble about running up the score, but how can you tell your players to stop shooting?"

Nothing seemed capable of stopping the hoopsters yesterday as the 'Cliffe dynamo seemed like the Everready battery that just goes on and on and on.