Racquetwomen Take Trio Streak Extended to Eight

"See. They have outfits and we don't. That's why they're good," Julia Moore said during Susy Handy's match. Handy was getting thrashed by Wellesley's Marilyn Butterfield, but it was one of only two wins, as Radcliffe trounced Wellesley, 5-2.

Handy lost to Butterfield yesterday at the Hemenway courts, in a match that capped a three day weekend that saw Radcliffe playing three matches and winning all of them.

On Saturday, the racquetwomen played a doubleheader of Penn and Franklin and Marshal, but yesterday's match against Wellesley was the toughest match of the weekend.

Ranked Number Six

Wellesley was ranked number six in the nation, as a result of its performance in the Howe Cup in January. Radcliffe did not enter the tournament because it was held during reading period.


Handy had to fight off Butterfield's winning combination of powerful crosscourt and good drop shots. Handy's efforts were not helped any by Butterfield's quickness, and Handy fell, 3-0.

Handy won both her matches Saturday, topping her Penn adversary 3-1, and her Franklin and Marshall foe, 3-2.

Radcliffe's number two player, Julia Moore, made good use of the corners and displayed an array of powerful crosscourt shots, downing her Wellesley counterpart, 3-2. Like Handy, Moore took both of her matches Saturday, relinquishing only one game in the two matches.

Sally Blair, playing number three, was the only other Radcliffe player to lose, but it took five games for her Wellesley opponent to derail her. Blair also took both of her matches Saturday, but was extended to four games against Penn, and five against Franklin and Marshall.

Radcliffe's new number four player, Emmi Levin, moved her Wellesley foe around the court and won many points with corner drop shots, but it took four games for her victory.

Susanna deSola had the easiest match of the day, and needed only three games to beat her Wellesley counterpart. DeSola relinquished only 19 points in the entire match, and took both her matches Saturday, giving her Franklin and Marshall adversary only 17 points.

At the sixth and seventh position, Jane Hadsel and Eve Caligor both prevailed over their Wellesley adversaries.

Wednesday, the racquetwomen travel to Hanover to play a fourth-ranked Dart-mouth squad.