Samuelson, Arrow To Give Lectures In Diebold Series

Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel Laureate and Conant University Professor, Abram Bergson, Baker Professor of Economics, and Paul A. Samuelson, Nobel Laureate and Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are among the economics experts scheduled to speak February 27 and 28 at the third series of John Diebold Lectures.

Arrow said yesterday that the lectures, to be held at the Science Center, "are intended as a series of exposes on attitudes towards profits" in American business. Arrow will present a paper on "Why Profits are Challenged" during the afternoon session of February 27.

The lecture series is divided into four sections, three of which will focus on aspects of the American profit system, Bergson said yesterday. The papers on this topic will be presented by Samuelson, Arrow and Erik Lundberg, professor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics.

The fourth session will feature a panel discussion of changes in the role of profits in society. John T. Dunlop, Lamont University Professor, was selected as a panel member, but Dunlop's office said yesterday that he will be out of the country when the lecturers are held.

The lectures are financed by the Diebold Institute for Public Policy Studies, Inc., formed in 1967 by John T. Diebold, a 1951 graduate of the Harvard Business School.


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