If you Can't Join Them Then...


After their first week in the public eye, the Radcliffe students organizing a women's club are beginning to define their purpose more exactly and working to overcome their financial limitations.

The women say they are striving for an image lying somewhere between men's final clubs and women's clubs like the Radcliffe Women's Center.

Christine M. Landry '77, one of the organizers, said yesterday the proposed club "is not a final club" but she was unable to say how the club will differ from men's final clubs.

At a meeting called Thursday night by the organizers most of the 20 women attending said they felt the club should be more informal than men's final clubs--a place where women come to meet other women.

The organizers are negotiating with the Hasty Pudding Club to use their facilities as a temporary home.

Last Monday many of the 50 women receiving letters asking for their support of the club said they fear it would bar some women from membership.

After the meeting, Cathy M. Rasenburger '78 said members would be chosen solely on the basis of their interest in joining.

Interested women would have to make their feelings known by contacting club members, she said.

Women at the meeting were asked for donations, and it was agreed that members would have to pay dues.

"I'm sure that we'll leave some people out," Landry said.

But the women are making an effort to get a large cross section of the Radcliffe population into the club.

Everyone involved is drawing up a list of 20 candidates for this reason.

Administration officials discounted any threat of elitism the club poses. Dr. Chase N. Peterson '52, vice president of alumni affairs and development and a former Porcellian Club member, said yesterday too few people were involved in final clubs for anyone to feel excluded if they were unable to join.

Looking beyond the concern with elitism, the women are planning to overcome their financial problems with an alumna fundraising drive and a spring ball. Eliot House H-23   Harvard University

Dear Prospective Members: