It's 1966, and everything's just about to shake up and shake loose. The Byrds, The Dead, Dylan's Blonde on Blonde. I was nine years old.

Now it's 1976. Kiss and the Tubes are the idols of every 13-year old with $8.50 for a concert ticket. Here's a few albums to make you forget the decadent '70s.

Saddle Tramp--Charlie Daniels Band, Epic. Daniels used to steal licks from the Allmans. He's stopped, and this is an excellent album. Dixie's on my mind a lot too, these days.

Presence--Led Zeppelin, Swan Song. Instead of buying this album, take a handful of reds, turn the bass knob on your stereo all the way up, and call me in the morning.

Black and Blue--The Stones. Disappointing coke-and-cock jaded jet-set elegance from the World's Best Band. Who cares? I know it's only rock and roll, but I like it.

Two local bands with first albums and talent. First, The Poussette-Dart Band. Nice guitars with mandolins and reeds. Plenty here to make you forget Fleetwood Mac.

Last Straw--Wheatstraw, Back Door. Country rock from the Club Zircon. John Lincoln Wright helps out. More than proficient, these boys will go far if there's justice.