To the Editors of The Crimson:

We, of the Task Force on Affirmative Action, would like to thank The Crimson for its coverage of the May 2nd "Outing in Unity and Struggle" sponsored by our coalition. We firmly believe that the publicizing of and action upon the abuses inflicted by the Harvard University administration on the University community is of great importance. It is with this in mind that we, of the TFAA, send this letter to your paper in support of the struggle of Afro-American kitchen worker Paul Glass.

The case of Paul Glass, recently suspended for four days without pay, appears to be another example of the racist, arbitrary treatment aimed at oppressing nationality workers by this university. Mr. Glass, working at Harvard since 1972, found it impossible to get approval from his supervisor, Mr. Buford Simpson, to continue his education by taking courses at Northeastern University. On at least two occasions (11/7/75, 10/22/75) when Harvard charged that Mr. Glass was late, it exaggerated considerably his tardiness..

Fundamentally, though, the TFAA supports the allegation by Local 26 (Cooks and Pastry Cooks Union: the union of Harvard kitchen workers) that Mr. Glass is the object of discrimination with respect to disciplinary treatment. It appears rather clear that the University uses more severe disciplinary treatment against its oppressed nationality workers than its white workers as one means of dividing its work force.

We, of the TFAA, demand that Mr. Glass' suspension be ended. We further demand that a detailed investigation be carried out by responsible, representative union, community and administrative officials to determine to what degree discrimination in discipline is in evidence. If this investigation uncovers substantive evidence, then we demand that corrective steps be instituted immediately. William G. Fletcher '76   For the Task Force   on Affirmative Action