B.U. Extends Laxwomen's Losing Ways

Record Stands at 0-8

The Radcliffe lacrosse team almost won its first game yesterday, but since "almost" only counts in horseshoes, the 5-4 defeat at the hands of B.U. was just another loss.

On the Short End

After the first half, the laxwomen were at the short end of a 5-1 score and their second half rally just fell short.

"In the first half, the B.U. team was much more fired up than we were," Carlene Rhodes, captain of the lacrosse team said yesterday. "They were moving more than we were. We didn't start moving until the second half."

Confused Defense

"In general, in the first half, the defense was a little confused," Rhodes continued. "And the attack didn't play well until the second half."

Coach Debi Field thought that the laxwomen should have won the game. "We shouldn't have let it get so far out of hand in the first half," Field said yesterday.

Defensive Blunders

"We made some mistakes on defense. We anticipated the play late and were caught reacting to them, rather than anticipating them," Field added.

Two Radcliffe attackers tallied the four goals. Anne Johnson scored the first two goals, while Margie Williams accounted for the last two.

Minot Returns

Carrie Minot played yesterday for the first time in more than a week. "Carrie set up people pretty well. She could set up, but she wasn't in great condition, after her layoff," Field said.

The laxwomen also missed center Chloe Gavin, who is in the Soviet Union this week.

Supernatural Influences?

"It's like somebody upstairs is not with us," Field said. "But the morale is super, considering the circumstances."

This weekend, the laxwomen will travel to Hanover, New Hampshire to face Dartmouth and Williams.

"We plan on making a big push to practice so that we have a good weekend," Rhodes said. "I think we can beat them."

The laxwomen's current record, since their Southern trip, is 0-8.