Ad Board to Ask Faculty For New Appeals System

The Administrative Board asked the Faculty Council Wednesday to consider establishing a committee to hear appeals from students whom the ad board has asked to withdraw from the College for disciplinary reasons.

Dean Whitlock, chairman of the ad board, said yesterday the board believes the current appeals procedure--under which students who wish to challenge disciplinary actions may appear before the board--violates due process, because the group that hears the appeal is the same group that made the original decision.

Although he said the board frequently reverses its own decisions in disciplinary cases when the student brings in new evidence, Whitlock said the board should have a more formal appeals system.

The ad board last year required ten students to withdraw for disciplinary reason and 44 for academic failures.

Whitlock declined to describe the composition of the proposed appeals committee, but said it would definitely include senior Faculty members.

John P. Marquand, assistant dean of the College and a member of the ad board, said yesterday the proposal is still in "embryonic form," and will certainly change before it reaches the Faculty for final consideration next fall.

The Faculty Council also discussed Wednesday the possibilities of including senior Faculty members on the regular ad board, as was traditional until the late '60's. But Whitlock said it is difficult to persuade Faculty members to serve on a regular basis.

Sources said yesterday the discussion was prompted in part by the protests last spring of several Biochemistry professors against the ad board's decision to readmit Stephen Rosenfeld '75-4.

Rosenfeld had been asked to withdraw following the disclosure that he forged letters of recommendation to medical schools.