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Psych. and Soc. Rel. 1140.


This course shocked a few people who had walked in expecting to find the course as exciting as its title. The eyes and ears will receive heavy scrutiny.

"We shall adjourn until Soc Sci 160," said one student to two others as they departed before the lights went down on those first slides.

Winthrop 108.

Sport and Political Ideology

Twenty-five sports enthusiasts including representatives of several sports teams were dazzled last night by the switch-hitting performance of John M. Hoberman, assistant professor of Scandinavian. Hoberman who by day teaches "Scandinavian Civilization" dons the pinstripes on Tuesday nights to teach "Sports and Political Ideology," a Winthrop House course.

But, lo and behold, Hoberman had some surprises for those who thought they would be on the court by October.

Hoberman stated clearly his disdain for most of what is written about the subject. Out of all the sports literature written, he said, one tenth of one tenth of one per cent is good. The rest is "dreck."

After flashing his own hefty reading list, Hoberman queried the class about an article he wrote in The New York Times last month. It was probably the most intellectual piece ever to appear on the Times sports page, he said.

He then asked students to fill out questionnaires listing the foreign languages they had mastered.

Many gut-hunters were discouraged by the lengthy assignments. But the clincher came with Hoberman's answer to the question about course requirements: there will certainly be a final and a 20-page paper--"this is a course course." That sure sent most of them scurrying.

Psych & Soc. Rel. 1570. Special States of Consciousness

This one sounds like a funny course but really isn't, to the surprise of a couple of athletes who took off after a quick look at the syllabus. Course includes a systematic look at states like the blank mind, sleep, dreams, sleep-walking, sleep-talking, sleep-learning and hypnosis. There will be nothing on ESP and just a little on meditation. Assistant Professor John F. Kihlstrom does the honors.

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