Bomb Scare Stops Quincy Stoogathon; Police Summoned

While students held their breaths during a suspenseful scene in the Three Stooges movie Idiot's Deluxe being screened in Quincy House dining room last Friday night, Cambridge police rushed to the area to investigate a bomb threat.

No bomb was found after a ten minute search. "I'm not surprised," Robert Hunt Quincy House Superintendent, said yesterday. "Generally when kooks call up about bombs it's a hoax," he added.

At 8:17 p.m. an anonymous phone caller informed the Cambridge police that a bomb would go off in the dining room within five minutes. But when three policemen arrived at 8:40 no bomb had gone off.

The policemen explained to the students that they were going to conduct a search for a bomb, and gave them the option of leaving. About half of the hundred students present left.

"I was surprised that they seemed worried," said Thomas Keane '78, president of the Quincy House Film Society. "The cops seemed to think it was all a joke," he added.