Plastic To Replace Broken Glass Roof On Science Center

Science Center glass roofing which collapsed under snow weight on January 9 will be replaced with a polycarbon-plastic substitute called Lexan, Francis E. Lawton, assistant dean for Facilities, said yesterday.

The installation will cost $2625 for 15 panes. An additional $6125 has been allocated to replace glass in other parts of the building. The erection of a snow fence on the roof for extra protection is also being considered, Lawton said.

"We're going over all possible areas of breakage. We don't want anything like that to happen again," Lawton said.

After meeting with the building's architect Sert Jackson and with members of Building and Grounds, Lawton chose Lexan as a replacement.

"We feel that it is a good replacement. It was what we used when the glass shattered in the Science Center cafe last year," he said.


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