Sports Cube Disc Frisk Answers

The Results:

The entries are all in, and we have a few statements to make.

First of all, remember when we said that "Twenty or 30 answers will probably put you at the head of the class"? Well, forget it, Jack. The WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN WEDNESDAY's PAPER, and we're talking about deranged people. There's always room for trivia experts in this world, and the people whose names you'll see on Wednesday should be locked in that room. It was pretty amazing, although nobody really came close to getting them all right. A few came close to getting them all wrong.

There will be a column on Wednesday accompanying our announcement, which will discuss both the humorous and sad aspects of the entries received. There are a few answers up for marginal debate, although not enough to affect the final results of the contest.

We understand that a few individuals out there made us of some variety of rock encyclopedia, which we frown upon but cannot prevent. Whaddya think this is, West Point or something? Nevertheless, a good time was had by all, including Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsly, Lori Aronson and various other collaborators.


Until Wednesday.