The Best and Worst of '77: Should Old Acquaintance Etc.

Cracker Jack

...that the Indoor Athletic Building is called "The Indoor Athletic Building?"

...that Princeton hoop coach Pete Carril never lets go of the rolled-up program in his left hand, even when he's beating Harvard by 20 points?

...that inspiring new coach Frank McLauglin has been unable to change the fortunes of Harvard basketball?

...that Satch Sanders has been unable to change the fortunes of Celtic basketball?

...Sidney Wicks?


...that the Celts took the Sixers to seven games last April?

...that Lloyd Free calls himself "All-World?"

...that Darryl Dawkins missed several games this fall with a cut on his hand, allegedly sustained while washing dishes? (Rumor has it that the injury occurred during a machete fight).

...that Dawkins actually said, "I need my shot like a hog needs slop."?

...that Billy Cunningham actually said, in response to a question about offensive problems arising when George McGinnis and Doctor J play at the same time: "The big problem is that both of them need the ball to score. When Doug Collins is in the game it's better because he doesn't need the ball to score."?

...that the Harvard soccer team fielded 12 men for more than 10 minutes in their opener at Columbia, but still lost, 3-1?

...that everyone laughed when coach George Ford suggested that his team might win three or four Ivy games, and that he would be satisfied with such a result?

...that everyone stopped laughing when the booters finished 3-3-1 in the league?

...that Walter Davis finally finished his college career?

...that Leamon Hall finally finished his college career?

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