The Best and Worst of '77: Should Old Acquaintance Etc.

Cracker Jack

...that Clemson beat the point spread in nearly every football game this fall, then fooled everyone by turning creampuff against Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl?

...that the Harvard football team nearly didn't get to play in 1977, when both team busses narrowly missed a jacknifed truck en route to Columbia

...that quarterback Tim Davenport, who hinted of greatness, barely got to play in 1977, breaking two neck vertebrae on a touchdown run in toe Columbia win?

...that Brian Buckley threw 40 passes out of the shotgun in the second half against Colgate? and completed 20?

...that Colgate gave up more than 70 points to Columbia and Northeastern?


...Ralph Polillio, Jon Sigillito, and Al Ippolito?

...that Steve Potysman and Bob Baggott collaborated to save the Cornell game with a fumble recovery on the one-yard line?

...that Chris Doherty complained to the coaches about his playing time at halftime of that game, and went on to become a starter, average more than five yards a carry, and earn team MVP honors?

...that Potysman and Paul Halas led the secondary to the nation's best interception percentage--18 on 158 opponents' passes?

...that the Crimson beat Dartmouth?

...that the Crimson lost to Princeton?

...Bobby Isom?

...John Pagliaro?

...that Harvard had a chance to tie the Ivy title against Yale, and the biggest play of the game--Bob Baggott's fourth quarter sack of Bob Rizzo--only set up Mike Sullivan's touchdown run out of punt formation?

...that Baggott received no post-season honors, save All-Ivy?

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