Connolly Walk

State Rep. Michael J. Connolly (D-Boston) strode into Faneuil Hall last night at the finish of a 12-day-long, 170 mile walk across Massachusetts decked out in a pin-striped suit and Adidas.

Connolly made the trek to publicize the need for a constitutional amendment limiting the term of office of state officials to 12 years, gathering 5000 signatures along the way.

"The incumbent has such a head start that before the campagin begins, it is over. The result is that good people don't run and common citizens need not apply," Connolly said.

After the apeech, Connolly said he intends to run for the United States Senate next year and will officially announce his candidacy in January.

Glin Pitre '77, media director for Connolly's campaign, said yesterday Connolly's chances in the election depend on the amount of publicity he receives. "If people get to know him they will like him," Pitre added.

Connolly's walk has been an excellent source of exposure, Pitre said.

Connolly said support for the President's energy plan and a national health insurance proposal would be his two top priorities if elected.

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