Ost Is Most for J.V. Booters In 2-1 Victory Over Brown

Halfback Ron Ost led the Crimson J.V. booters to a come-from-behind, 2-1 victory yesterday at the Business School field, scoring both goals off perfectly placed corner kicks by right wing Louis Endozier.

The first scoring threat of the game came after 30 minutes of lackluster play as a low liner headed straight for the corner of the Harvard goal was nabbed by sprawling goalie Ed Weinfurtner.

Three minutes later, Weinfurtner failed to do the spectacular as a Bruin forward successfully attacked the goal after slipping through four Harvard defenders.


In the second half, Harvard turned the game around. Five minutes into the period, Endozier and Ost teamed up on their first score as Ost headed in a corner kick, knotting the game at 1-1.


More aggressive play resulted in two direct kicks and a penalty shot, all of which failed.

The game winner was a case of deja vu, only this time Ost used his foot to deflect the corner kick.

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