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By Susan K. Brown

Studying and sleeping--that's what the majority of students staying in Cambridge are planning for their long weekend. A number also are going to New Hampshire briefly to view the foliage, but they seem concerned primarily with their work.

JTP"I'm looking forward to spending about 25 hours in Widener and various libraries, writing a thesis prospectus, and I also have about 400 appointments, "Jane Kulik '78 said yesterday.

But not everyone plans to grind this weekend. One Currier sophomore said she was planning to go to the movies Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights.

Joe A. Amaroso, manager of the Brattle St. Cinema, said, "On a long weekend, we may average a 35 per cent bigger turnout at the late showing on Sunday."

"But there are a lot of variables," Amaroso added, "like the weather or what film is playing."

This should also be an exciting weekend for any Yankee fans bold enough to live in Cambridge. With the baseball playoffs on, it may not matter that the Crimson is at Cornell.

Another sports enthusiast, Sandy L. Assaro '81, said, "I'm getting in shape for the Bonne Bell Mini-Marathon on Monday. And I'm going to a Woody Allen Festival tomorrow night, and after the marathon I'm going to a cook-out. And if I have some time, I'm going to catch up on my Hum 9a reading."

Partying is also popular. One freshman admitted, "We are going to get smashed off our asses, and we're going to Father's Six, and then we're going to have a party in wild Weld."


Another freshman said she planned to get drunk on Friday and go to the symphony on Saturday. "I have to grow culturally as well as socially," she said.

Chris Downey '81 said, "This weekend I'll probably be playing pinball, pool and ping-pong. If I'm lucky, I'll get a date. And I'll probably study and eat."

Statistics indicate that students spend much less time studying in the library on long weekends. Last Columbus Day weekend, 40 per cent fewer students visited the libraries than on the following weekend.

But Margi A. Heinen, head of circulation at Cabot Library, said, "We have already noticed an increase in students coming here on the weekends this year, so I don't know what the new figures will be.

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