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Winthrop, Leverett Win Out

By Pamela R. Saunders

After yesterday's three shutout House football games on Emerson Field, the cleats are muddy, the helmets are scratched, but the standings are still the same.

An undefeated Kirkland House team is still in first place after a stunning 12-0 triumph over Quincy, while Eliot House fell to its first defeat of the season against Winthrop, 12-0. As for the Mather-Leverett match, Leverett won 6-0, but both Houses are still rock-bottom in the football standings.

Real Excitement

The Kirkland-Quincy match provided the most exciting of the three games. Both teams played rather sloppily, but K-House took advantage of a few lucky breaks that completely stunned the Quincy line. Although Quincy rarely passed the ball, Gary Bravo played his usual outstanding game on the front line. In the second quarter, Kirkland quarterback Fran Hickey threw a touchdown pass to split-end Casey Fitz whose spectacular one-handed catch sprung Kirkland to a 6-0 lead.

The climax of the game came in the second half when Kirkland's "Fitz" threw a short pass to flanker Jamie Egasti who temporarily lost balance. Zigging and zagging and dodging all on-coming at-tackers, Egasti executed an incredible sprint to the second and final touchdown of the game, making the score 12-0. Kirkland's Bill Maddox was a key defensive player, making two interceptions and recovering two fumbles.

Wrong Way to Play

The Eliot-Winthrop exhibition was a study in how not to play football, Eliot House's three cheerleaders must have been doing something wrong since Eliot was penalized 14 times for over 150 yards. At one point, Eliot was penalized three times on the same play leaving them with 68 yards to go to a first down. Winthrop was not without its problems; the offensive squad winged every play it ran in the first half.

In the first quarter, Winthrop noseguard Bob Tedesco made an astonishing block of an Eliot punt to score the first touchdown of the game. During the second half, Eliot kept possession of the ball, but penalties again destroyed them. Winthrop quarterback Brian Towne threw a spectacular 50-yard touchdown pass on the fly in the third quarter to flanker John Hendricks to make the final score 12-0.

Mather Loses

In the last of the three House football games, between Mather and Leverett, Leverett fullback Bill Lewis scored a touchdown in the second quarter from about the 5-yard line. The final score of the game was 6-0.

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