DNA Lab Completion Postponed

Harvard's P3 level laboratory for recombinant DNA research, which was originally scheduled to be completed last June, will not be ready for use until at least next spring, Richard G. Leahy, associate dean for the Faculty of Resources and Planning, said yesterday.

The P3 lab will probably be completed by January, but extensive renovations underway at the rest of the Biological Laboratories on Divinity Ave. will prevent scientists from using the lab until several months later, Leahy said.

Reconstruction Period

Macy D. Koehler, biohazards safety officer for the University, said yesterday unfinished construction at the Bio Labs includes renovation of several laboratories that were promised to recently arrived faculty members.

The air exhaust system in the building also needs to be revised, Koehler said.

NIH Inspected

Once the building is ready, National Institute of Health guidelines require that the P3 lab be inspected by a Faculty safety committee. The Cambridge Biohazards Committee, a group formed by the City Council last spring to monitor recombinant DNA research, will also inspect the facility.