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When Charles Pierce announced his candidacy in May for election to the Cambridge School Committee, he said that Cambridge must have the vision, energy and commitment to meet the challenges of present and future American society. "We must prepare our young people for the diversity and choices which will be a part of our future society," he stressed

CC '77 candidate Pierce has taken steps toward this goal, but needs support to continue alternative educational programs that will provide children with employment options for the future. "Not everyone is going to grow up to hold a professional or nine-to-five desk job," he explained.

Pierce took a three-year leave of absence from 17 years of industrial employment to attend Harvard College [BA, '75] and to teach at St. Joseph's Community School in Boston's Roxbury district. Pierce's energies are mostly directed toward the future occupational opportunities of young people.

Pierce was a leader in the acquisition and development of the Careers Transportation Center and the Occupational Education Program. "My attention is focused on guarenteeing that children are equally educated and have a view of career alternatives that will be available to them later," he said. Pierce has been a dominant figure in attempts to curb the number of students dropping-out of school.

Pierce outlines his priorities for the next two years: Provide academic upgrading of occupational education as well as intensive skill training. Establish priorities in education to improve the quality of services insuring the best future for children. Provide a means of communication for students, teachers, and parents to resolve problems.

At the top of his agenda, Pierce stresses well-rounded learning experiences to enable students to make reasonable future choices.

"The School Committee must be committed to do whatever it can to facilitate this goal."