Make-up Petitions Increase With New Reporting System

The University Health Services has received more applications for medical excuses this year than in the past though this may not mean more students are applying for make-up exams, Sholem Postel, associated director of UHS, said yesterday.

UHS had received 392 petitions for make-up exams as of Monday, Postel said. Students filed 381 petitions during all of last winter's exam period.

UHS is using a new petition form for the first time this exam period, that requires a separate form be made out for each exam a student wishes to be excused from, Postel said.

That form makes it hard to say exactly how many students have applied for makeups, he said.

In the past, students could apply for more than one make-up using the same form, but that system made it difficult for University officials to determine how many petitions were filed in each course, Postel said.


Under this new system, a copy of each petition for a make-up is sent directly to the professor teaching the course, he added.