Greacen, Total Qualify At NCAA Diving Tourney

When everything was said and done at the qualifying round for divers held at Cornell University this past weekend, Crimson sophomore Jamie Greacen and junior Mike Total performed well enough to gain admission to the NCAA diving championships to be held at Cleveland State on March 24-26.

Greacen managed to place fourth in the one-meter competition and became the final qualifier in that event since only the final qualifier in that event since only the top four divers advance to the Nationals.

Toal easily dove into the Nationals with his second-place finish in the three-meter segment of the tournament.

The other two Harvard divers, Craig Gavin and Steve Schramm, both freshmen, did not qualify for the Nationals although Schramm dove well enough to place sixth in the three-meter event and tenth in the one-meter competition.

Double Qualifiers


John Evans of Dartmouth won both the one-meter and three-meter events at Cornell, one of six regional qualifying tournaments held this past weekend to determine the 40 men eligible to dive in the Nationals.

The other double qualifiers were Paul Steck of Cornell, who placed second in the one-meter and fourth in the three-meter, and Tom Fatyol of Pittsburgh, who finished third in both events.

Both Toal and Greacen came close to qualifying in both events also. Toal finished just five points behind Greacen in the one-meter competition, which put him only six points out of third place in that same event.

Greacen, on the other hand, dove about as inconsistently as anyone could in the three-meter competition yet still managed to place seventh.

Crimson coach John Walker noted that both Greacen and Toal "dove exceedingly well although not flashily." Walker added that it was consistency which enabled the duo to qualify in their respective events.

Everyone a Winner

Greacen said that he considered all the qualifiers winners since they advanced t the Nationals in two weeks on equal footing.

As far as the Nationals are concerned, Walker stated that if Greacen and Toal dove to their maximum potential, each had a good chance to reach the finals. The three-meter event features returning champion Brian Bungum from Indiana while last year's one-meter champ, Tennessee's Jim Kennedy, has graduated.