Junior Murdochs


To the Editors of The Crimson:

We appreciate the free publicity, we think. But in your March 14 story on the inaugural issue of Index, the newsmagazine of the Ivy League, there are a few errors that need to be cleared up.

Firstly, Index was not conceived as a moneymaking venture although advertisers have indicated a strong interest in the magazine and it may very well turn a considerable profit after the first few issues. But after expenses are paid, any money left over will be distributed equally among each participating newspaper. Hence, the notion that Index was conceived to bolster The Columbia Daily Spectator's financial situation is erroneous and highly misleading.

The Columbia Daily Spectator is no longer in serious financial trouble as the story implies. Nor is Index editorially responsible to or financially dependent on Spectator. The new magazine is a subsidiary publication of the same parent company and the association ends there. John D. Decker   Editor-in-Chief, Index   Richard E. Hart   Editor-in-Chief, Columbia Daily Spectator


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