You won't have to hurry recovering from your St. Patrick's Day stupor if you want to see any sports this
By Marc M. Sadowsky

You won't have to hurry recovering from your St. Patrick's Day stupor if you want to see any sports this weekend because there is not much to see. The two main places for spectators to be this weekend are the Boston Garden and in front of the tube.

The Boston Celtics have two games this weekend. Friday night at 7:30 p.m. they'll take on the Atlanta Hawks who are being fueled by the shooting of Pete Maravich. After taking Saturday off, the Celts will return to play the Kansas City Kings Sunday afternoon.

But don't write off Saturday so soon, because that's when your date with the television is going to come in handy. All the excitement of college basketball begins at 12:10 p.m. And it's not just one or two games, but three (yes trois, Francois) games of the NCAA regional finals.

And if you get bored with all that hoop, you can always watch the Muriel Cigar Open of the pro bowlers tour.

On the more local scene (that means Harvard) nothing is happening. The Harvard sportspot reports that the spring teams are gearing up for the southern trips, so if you want to see some clutch play go down to Soldiers Field.

But the big news this week is tickets. Neither the Celtics nor the Bruins are talking about playoff tickets yet. Do they know something the rest of us don't? And the Red Sox haven't started selling World Series tickets, although the entire regular season is for sale. Ticket prices range from $2 for bleachers to $5.50 for box seats.

Sources at the Red Sox ticket office report that sales are going pretty well and that there are still reserved seats left for the Yankees games.

On the recreational sports scene, I have just received word from the Metropolitan District Commission that the ice on the Charles River is no longer thick enough to skate on. You heard it here first--no more skating on the Charles. Or else.

I am afraid there is nothing else happening. There is a St. Patrick's Day parade today, because it is St. Patrick's Day. And that also means that it is Bill Ginsberg's birthday. It you see Bill on the street today, ask him about his shillelaugh (sic).

Well, that is the way it is (but not the way it should be).