Militant, Proud

The Mail

To the Editors of the Crimson:

How appropriate for Professor Kilson to have called the blacks concerned with the insensitivity of the Lampoon "militants"! Webster's New World Dictionary defines a "militant" as a person "vigorous or agressive in support or promotion of a cause." For Professor Kilson to have used the word militant in this case makes me proud. Now I can further feel that the dedication to achievement which I as a black knew was present among black students is felt by more than just myself.

Even though I am not deeply involved in the Lampoon controversy to the extent that other blacks on campus are, I must say one thing. Blacks have the right to, because of this right should, and of necessity must, complain vigorously whenever an issue arises as to racial insensitivity. In this case, freedom of the press is one thing, but irrationality of the press here damages the very theory of harmony and unity among the members of this entire student body.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, John F. Kennedy--the list of great "militants" goes on forever. Personally, I wish to thank Professor Kilson for categorizing the blacks working with the Lampoon controversy with some of the greatest people in history. I'm sure all black students concerned with this particular issue will work diligently to clear the situation. If anyone isn't militant enough to work agressively, why, he'll be "thrown out on his ear"! Eugene T. Green, Jr. '80

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