Vandals Knock Mather Pinballs Out of Action

Vandals damaged two Mather House pinball machines early Thursday morning, Harvard police said yesterday.

The vandals escaped with about $30, Charles Diana '78, Mather House committee chairman, said yesterday.

Diana called the vandalism "senseless" and added that it would not affect House committee funds, but would constitute "a loss in its inconvenience to the House."

The Mather House Committee and Woburn Vending Company share the $300 a month revenue from the machines.

Steven Sainte '78, who plays "quite a bit" of pinball at Mather House, said yesterday that the damage caused the cancellation of an elimination tournament scheduled for last night to select members of the Mather pinball team for an up-coming match against Currier House.

Foosball Fate

Sainte fears that the pinball machines may meet the fate of the Mather foosball game, which was removed following vandalism.

Eric T. Olsen '77, manager of the Mather grill, said that security problems have continually plagued Mather House. Earlier this year vandals tore apart the Coke machines, he added, but this is the first time they have hit the pinball machines.

Avi Black '78 said yesterday it is "outrageous that anyone would vandalize the machines.

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