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Christopher Nteta, a Boston College professor representing the African National Congress (ANC), said yesterday at the initial meeting of the Southern African Solidarity Committee (SASC) that he anticipates the white racist regime of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) will fall in the near future.

"The writing's on the wall," Nteta said. The present confusion of the "indigenous black forces" in Zimbabwe is about to be resolved, he added.

South Africa banned ANC in 1960 and the organization has been working underground ever since then, Neva Seidman '78, one of the 20 people present at the meeting in Adams House, said.

Nteta said the presence of Russian personnel is not evident in Angola, although the Russians have supplied equipment.

Cuban forces made "a substantial contribution" to the revolutionary struggle in Angola, and are presently in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, Nteta added.

The SASC decided upon its name last night and formulated its objectives toward the conclusion of the meeting.

The group plans to campaign against U.S. investment in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe and to boycott and fight for the overthrow of minority white regimes in these countries.

Members of the Spartacus Youth League who attended the meeting opposed allowing "cops" to join the SASC and the group as a whole voted to exclude senior Harvard administrators.

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