Beanpot Tournament Win Gets State Congratulations

To win a hockey tournament is one thing, but to have the Massachusetts House of Representatives recognize that victory is something else again.

The House did just that last month, in a resolution signed by all four Cambridge representatives congratulating the Harvard hockey team for "excellence of play and high ideals of sportsmanship" in winning the Beanpot tournament.

"We thought it was a special occasion," State Rep. Michael J. Lombardi, one of the signers, said last night.

Lombardi said the House does not annually congratulate the Beanpot winner, but this year the Cambridge representatives decided to honor Harvard.

State Rep. Thomas H.D. Mahoney, who introduced the resolution, was unavailable for comment last night.

Hockey team members said last night they had not heard of the resolution but, when informed, said they were happy about it.

"That's super!" goalie Brian S. Petrovek '77 said last night. "It's good to be recognized by someone in high authority."

"That's really surprising!" said forward William J. Hozack '77. "I'm happy they recognized our existence."


Hozack said he thought the resolution might reflect a greater interest in hockey due to recent violence by players and fans in Massachusetts high school hockey.

Team caption William R. Horton Jr. '77 said the resolution "amounts to support of amateur hockey and what it stands for." Horton added the House attention might stimulate the growth of amateur sports in the Boston area.

E.Mitchell Wigdor '77, co-manager of the team, said that in the Beanpot, "We played up to our potential, we kept B.C. and B.U. bottled up in their own ends."

Tax Rebate

"It was nice to win it, it's a nice gesture," Wigdor said, adding he thought the Beanpot, by filling the Boston Garden, had brought in more entertainment tax for Massachusetts and the legislators may have honored Harvard's victory for that reason.