Almost everyone should be back from Florida by now, signalling the time to start the Spring sports schedule. Many used
By Marc M. Sadowsky

Almost everyone should be back from Florida by now, signalling the time to start the Spring sports schedule. Many used the valuable Florida vacation for training in sun-sitting, drinking beer in warm weather, and enjoying the great American outdoors. If you were unfortunate enought to take your vacation in Philadelphia or (heaven forbid) New York, you missed your training period and you won't be able to enjoy this season to its fullest.

And speaking of spectating outdoors, Saturday is going to be a great day for just that. If you're really Hardee (we stopped at Hardeeworld, outside Hardeeville, Georgia) you can wake up at 10:30 and catch the freshmen heavyweight crew race Syracuse on the Chuck. If you're not so hardee, you can watch the JV's battle Syracuse at 11:15. And if you're a total degenerate, you'll be able to catch the varsity heavies at noon.

If, by chance, your clock is 15 minutes fast, you'll be there to see the freshman lights row against Columbia at 10:15, the JV lights at 11:00, and the varsity lights at 11:45.

You'll have to order a box lunch to see the track team track Princeton around Harvard Stadium, right after absorbing the crew races. The Crimson-Tiger meet begins at 12:30 p.m.

The dean of beer, Siglinda Steinfuller, put in a special request that I mention the lacrosse game Saturday after noon at 2:00. In her communique, she noted that the Crimson will be playing Brown, a school located to the south of here, and that students who don't want to pay the !/#? admission charge should bring their coupon books with them.

And what about women's sports? Have we got women's sports for you! But one little catch. You'll have to wake up before 9:30 to see the women's lightweight crew teams--both varsity and JV--row against Andover.

For the later risers, there's a Radcliffe lacrosse game at 11 a.m. The laxwomen will meet the Princeton Tigers, a strong team in women's lacrosse.

The women's tennis team will play its first home match Saturday at noon as a tennis playing contingent from Yale will occupy the Radcliffe players' time.

Luckily, for Boston sports fans, the RedSox are going to be on the road this weekend trying to extend their losing streak. Diehard fans can rejoice in the knowledge that the Yankees are equally inept and that the Toronto Blue Jays are going to take the American League pennant this year.

But all is not lost, because it's playoff time, the time when the winter sports transform into spring and even summer sports. Boston, among the greatest of sports cities is represented in both the NHL and NBA playoffs.

Unfortunately, hockey fans probably won't be able to catch a live show of the Bruins mauling the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings have been playing at a definite disadvantage since the ice in their home rink was melted for irrigation water. The Bruins are going to play the Kings in Los Angeles in what should prove to be an interesting matchup of two hockey teams playing on roller skates. The Bruins have been practicing at a local rollerdrome and are sure to be ready for their weekend encounter with the Kings. Both games will be on television, the Friday night game beginning at 11 p.m. and the Sunday game at 10 p.m.

At last, the Celts should be finished abusing the San Antonio Spurs by Friday night, when the two teams play their second game in Texas. If the Celts don't win Friday, the teams will be back in Boston for a 1:30 p.m. game at the Boston Garden.

What else can I say but be there? Aloha.