Athlete Group Plans Meeting With Officials

A group of Harvard athletes plans to meet with President Bok and Dean Rosovsky next week to recommend the selection of one of two Harvard administrators as successor to Robert B. Watson '37, retiring director of athletics.

Jeffrey W. Hill '77, captain of the men's varsity basketball team, said yesterday 40 athletes, including the captains of most of the College's major sports teams, endorse both Baaron B. Pittinger Jr., associate director of athletics, and John P. Reardon '60, associate dean of admissions and coordinator of the program for athletic facilities.

40 Letters

The athletes yesterday delivered letters from each of the 40 athletes endorsing the two men to Bok and members of the athletic director search committee, Hill said.

Hill said the athletes began planning their endorsement of the two Harvard administrators after hearing reports that Harvard plans to name an outsider to the post.


The athletes favor Pittinger and Reardon over any outside candidates because they feel sure the two men will strengthen programs in both intramural and intercollegiate sports, Hill said.

Some athletes have expressed fears that an athletic director from outside Harvard might promote intramurals at the expense of intercollegiate sports.